Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inception Perfection: Take 2


Of course I had to see Inception again.

The second time around, I was just as amazed as seeing it for the first time.

Things that confused me during the first viewing of it, make sense now (the roles of the characters and storyline were more clear). However I just couldn't wrap my head around other things still (how were all the series of dreams when Cobb's team started their inception job with Fischer seemingly taking place at the same time? Were they?).

I grasped the ending a lot more this time around, and I'm more sure of my answer to the questions, "Was it a dream? What it reality?"

The question that remains is, Will I see it again?


I definitely want to see at least once more before it is taken from the theatres (and with how well the film is doing ($60.4 million made its first weekend) it should still be around until September, maybe even October I estimate).

One last question remains:

Will there be an Inception 2?!

Only Nolan knows for sure but Inception fans can certainly dream about it.

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