Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why I Love 3D

So I just saw my first movie (Step Up 3D) in the much buzzed about Real D 3D.
It is God's gift to film.
It is the most amazing thing!

This grand step in movie making technology has made me love film even more.
How could someone not want to watch a movie where characters and the movie world are popping out at you?
Renowned film critic Roger Ebert doesn't for one. He recently wrote a blunt article for Newsweek that says it all: "Why I Hate 3D (And You Should Too)."
Before I saw my first Real D 3D movie, I used to say I hated 3D and would groan every time I heard about a movie being released in 3D.
Because I didn't think 3D worked. I thought I'd be sitting with red and green or red and blue paper glasses for nothing--- that the picture would look the same but in red, green or blue or be blurred.
Well, was I wrong.
I just had to see it myself to believe the hype.

First off, 3D in the 00's has been revamped majorly starting with the change from paper glasses to plastic glasses. They're pretty cool and look like sunglasses rather than the old ridiculous paper colored glasses that never worked as far as I can remember when using them as a kid.
Second, they actually work! And works like nothing you can imagine!
When I was watching Step Up 3, at some parts--- characters were seemingly coming right at me! I was very tempted to reach out and grab them to see if they were (of course I knew they weren't but the excited kid in me thought so). *Luckily I didn't or I would have looked pretty dumb grabbing air!
When things would blow out at me (bubbles and then slurpee (if you saw Step Up 3D, you know what I'm talking about, if not--- two characters were making designs in the air from blowing slurpee out of straws. It sounds weird if you didn't see it, but it was really cool if you did.) ) I actually thought they were going to land on me and I jerked back involuntary. *Hopefully no one saw me!

The whole 3D experience was just a treat.
I think I smiled throughout the whole film.
The only downside is if you already need glasses when watching a movie, you'll now have 2 pairs on.
Anyone else need prescription 3D glasses?

I definitely look forward to more and more films being shot in Real D 3D.
The extra money on the ticket is a pain, but worth it ($18 total at the theatre I went to).
However, I don't think every movie should be shot in 3D.
Inception would have been even more out of this world if it took the 3D plunge for example while
a comedy like Cyrus would be pointless to have made into 3D.
Action and fantasy based films especially can really benefit visually from the 3D look.
For example, Tron: Legacy ( looks like it will be amazing in Real D 3D.

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