Saturday, November 13, 2010

Apartment Decorations

Before the Penn State/Ohio State game, I went to Target to buy some frames for the posters I ordered so that I could finally decorate the living room.  Allow me to give you a quick tour of what the place looks like.

On the left is a skyline picture of Pittsburgh and below that is Brent Johnson's goalie stick, signed by the entire team.  That was a gift to Lindsey, you remember the relationship, right?

This was actually Adam's idea, to put the skyline like that and then angle the stick below it.  I definitely like the way it looks.  On a side note, those skyline pictures with a frame are pretty damn expensive.

Here is a closeup of the stick.  You can Sid's autograph, as well as Lindsey's Family Lounge pass when she went to a Capital's game when Brent played for them.

As you come through the front door, above the the light switch is a picture I received from Dick's Sporting Goods for free.  It is of the inaugural game against the Flyers (which we attended).  In the lower left corner is my ticket from the game.

To the right of the Steelers poster is a Pirates poster.  My original goal was to get all three team logo posters, but I could not find one for the Pens.  I guess Sid and Malkin is just as cool.  Originally I was going to have all three on the main wall behind the TV.  Unfortunately, that would not work with 45 foot DVD rack.

So what do you think?  We plan on putting more Pittsburgh sports stuff around the living room, but as of now, it is a great start. 

In case you were wondering, I ordered the skyline picture from Citiscapes.  I just want to let everyone know that if you ever thought about getting something like this for your own place, you should definitely get it from here.  It was about $40 cheaper than anywhere else, plus the frame is quite heavy duty.

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