Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Easy To Assemble My Ass!

The other day I bought a new DVD rack and a TV stand from Best Buy.  After work yesterday, I decided to put them together.  On both boxes it says "easy to assemble" for both items.  If you had to guess, which one would you think would be more difficult?  I figured the TV stand since it weighs more and the three shelves are tempered glass.  Also, the other parts are all metal.  Boy was I wrong!

The DVD stand was such a pain in the ass.  It took me about two hours to put together.  The instructions say that it only requires a screwdriver.  Bullshit!  A drill is definitely required.  Once the damn thing is upright, you have to put the back on and it says to screw them in.  There are no holes, plus you have to try and hold it up the entire time.  I tried to lay it down, but I did not trust those tiny cam screws that hold the two sections together.

In case you were wondering, the thing is huge.  It is six feet high and over three feet wide.  And yes, now that all of Lindsey's and my DVDs are in there, it is almost full (close to 350 total movies).

Before I discuss the TV stand, I want to comment on Lindsey's movie collection.  She has every season of Dawson's Creek.  A bunch of chick flicks and then some random ones in there:  Running Scared and V for Vendetta.  I just find it very odd.

Anyways, after the DVD rack fiasco, I was quite nervous to put the TV stand together.  I figured it might take me all night.  Nope, it took a half hour.  It is quite heavy, but guess what?  It slides across the carpet pretty easily.  I set it all up tonight and I am quite happy with it.  We now need a coffee table.

Once all the posters I ordered get here, I will hang them and take some pictures to show everyone how awesome the place looks.

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