Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Ridiculous GOTW

This will be the most convoluted GOTW ever.  I was watching Seinfeld last night and it was the episode where George buys Elaine a cashmere sweater for getting him a job.  The sweater was discounted because of a small red dot (this was also the classic Hennigan Scotch episode...)  It got me thinking about how much I hate winter, but that I do enjoy seeing girls in sweaters (for obvious reasons).  Here are some pictures of girls wearing cashmere sweaters...

This then got me thinking about if there were any hot girls from Kashmir, which forced me to start looking at pictures of Bipasha Basu, who is a Bollywood actress.  Damn, she is really hot.  I may have to start watching some of these movies.  Probably not, but it is nice to pretend.

While looking at her pictures, I started thinking about the Led Zeppelin song.  It got stuck in my head and I wondered if there were any hot hippy chicks out there.  And guess what I found?  A picture of Bar Refaeli and it said she is a hippy chick.

Damn, I forgot how hot she is...and she has never been the GOTW.  So umm, I guess this week's GOTW is all of these lovely ladies.  And my insane logic.

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