Sunday, September 26, 2010

Penn State Versus Temple

On Saturday I got to go to the Penn State Game with my friend Jason.  Before I get into that, allow me to say that I was pretty exhausted from the night before.

Friday night I went over to Altoona in order to drink with some friends.  I woke up at 8:00 a.m. and came back to Philipsburg, got a shower and went over to the game.

We started tailgating around 11:00 and it was a pretty good time.  Nothing crazy, since we were basically hanging out in the rich people section. 

I discovered that I am actually pretty decent at cornhole.  I rarely get to play because I never get a chance to go out for a tailgate.  Anyways, the first time I ever played was at Ryan's and we played far apart (much like in this picture).  I always enjoy listening to the confusion as people figure out the score.  It amuses me.

The game was at 3:30 and as you can see from the picture above, we sat in the southern end zone.  Apparently this is the rich, white people section (as Jason would say).  No bleacher seats.  Better food.  Ah yes, it is the life.

Penn State started off with Evan Royster running 51 yards and I thought "oh yeah, here we go, another Temple massacre."  That drive ended with a field goal and then Temple decided to score two touchdowns. 

Penn State finally scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter making it 22-13.  It was kind of boring, but still a fun time.  Needless to say, Jason missed much of the second quarter because he was taking a little nap.

I feel they should make the stadium rotate.  That way I would not have gotten burnt on one side of my neck.  Or maybe they would allow your analogue on the north side switch sides each quarter, at least to even things out. 

When I got home from the game I wanted to take a little nap.  Well that nap turned into a coma as I missed all my alarms, all the text messages, and all the phone calls of people wanting me to go out.  I woke up Sunday morning at 8:30.  Another 12 hour sleepfest.  This is why you should always get a good nights sleep.  You do not want to end up passing out from exhaustion.

It was a great day, thanks Jason for giving me a ticket.

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