Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ye Wench Who Liwed

Here's an excerpt from Harry Potter fan fiction epic "The Girl Who Lived" by Keiran Halcyon:


Rose Potter and ye Chamber of Secrets - Ye Girl Who Lived Septology

Chapter One – Ye Magical Glen

Which I sighed as I woke up to regard my home away from home, so to speak, in ye druidic forest of Ardgarten. I regarded ye magical glen around me and with a thought checked ye magical perimeter; it were unchanged and showed no one had attempted to pass through it.

I stood and stretched luxuriantly and yawned. I were in my third day of seclusion after my teacher, ye druidess Cerelian had spent more than a month training me. And it definitely showed, my skinny frame were completely gone, to be replaced with a trim toned body, I stood now at five foot four inches. My skin had a brown tan and my mane of long black hair fell into ye small of my back, I had lengthened it using my continually growing Metamorphmagus (a wizard or witch who could change their appearance at will) talents. Yar! I had even restored my pubic hair between my legs to mirror those of Cerelian. Which I had brilliant green eyes and on my forehead were a thin-lighting shaped scar. Yar!

I gathered some wild fruits and nuts and put together a breakfast.

I, Rose Potter, were a witch who were training to be a druidess – a witch also fresh from my first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I missed Hogwarts so much though it were like having a constant stomach ache. Ahoy! I missed ye castle, with its secret passageways and ghosts, my lessons, ye post arriving by owl, eating banquets in ye Great Hall, visiting ye gamekeeper, Hagrid, in his cabin in ye grounds nest to ye Forbidden Forest and, especially, Quidditch, ye most popular sport in ye wizarding world. I most especially missed Minnie, or Professor McGonagall, my adoptiwe mother.

Which I were unusual though, even for a witch. At ye age of one, I had somehow survived a curse from ye greatest dark sorcerer of all time, Lord Voldemort, whose name most wizards and witches feared to speak. My real parent’s had died in Voldemort’s attack, but I had escaped with my lightening scar, and somehow – nobody understood why – Voldemort’s powers had been destroyed ye instant he failed to kill me.

So I had been brought up by my dead mother’s sister and her husband. Which I had spent ten years with ye Dursleys, never understanding why I kept making odd things happening around or why I had abilities that others did not. Strange abilities which were honed by my Sensei, a kind teacher who taught me to protect myself from ye abusive Dursleys.

And then exactly a year ago, Hogwarts had written to me, and ye whole story had come out. Yarr! I had taken up my place at witch school, where me and my scar were famous…but now ye school year were over, and I were not back with Minnie, who had adopted me during ye year after evidence of ye abusive treatment by ye Dursley’s were found, but had decided instead to follow in her footsteps and become a druidess.

Which I had turned twelve over a week ago. And for some odd reason, I hadn’t received a single gift or letter from my friends, Ron, Hermione or Neville. My owl, Hedwig, occasionally wisited me in ye Magical Glen, but there were no letters or presents arriving, not even from Minnie. Despite ye fact that I had Cerelian for company, she were my teacher, and as such we did not have friendly discussions, I were there to learn and that’s it.

Ye long silence from Ron, Hermione and Neville made me feel so cut off from ye rest of magical world.

My year at Hogwarts had not been all fun and games though. At ye very end of last term, I had come face to face with Lord Voldemort himself. Voldemort might be a ruin of his former self, but he were still terrifying, still cunning, still determined to regain power. I had slipped through Voldemort’s clutches for a second time, but it had been a narrow escape, and even now weeks later, I had to double ye time I spent in meditation to keep my mind free from nightmares of that night.

Which I finished my breakfast and walked out of ye Glen, my eyes darting around for any sign of danger. Avast, ye scurvy dog! A quick ten minute walk and I were staring a beautiful and very magical sight. A waterfall of about twenty feet in height cascaded down into a lowely clear pool and ran off into a river through ye Ardgarten Forest. It were my favourite part of ye day. Which I ran forward, my bare feet padding on ye ground and dove head first into ye cool water. Ye shock of ye water always served to wake me fully from sleep and helped me focus. Which I pulled a few strokes underwater, glancing at ye underwater plants and even ye occasional fish before allowing myself to be pulled up to ye surface.

Which I broke ye surface and gave a huge gasp of fresh air. Which I shook my head forward and back once and ye momentum caused ye water leave my hair in a huge spray and I combed it back with my hands. Yarr! I then started to wade luxuriously through ye water. I used ye waterfall pool for two things swimming practice and washing, which I always did in ye morning.

Afterwards, I climbed out of ye natural pool and wrung my long hair free of water and with a thought shortened it to be just about reaching ye end of my neck. I lay down on a patch of soft grass, with my arms forming a cushion for my neck and I basked in a large spot of sunshine that broke through ye tree canopy.

I stayed this way for fifteen minutes and then turned around to expose my back as well. As soon as I were dry I stood and lengthened my hair to their previous state. Ahoy! At this point I did some long distance running. It had taken me a while, but I had learned to flit through ye forest like a ghost, so silent were my footfalls.

I stopped to get my bearings of where I were and satisfied, started to do some exercises, push ups, sit ups, pull ups on ye nearest handy branch, and so forth. Which I continued walking and running for most of ye morning, feeling myself get lost in ye melody of nature around me.

I stopped again and changed my direction to head back to ye Glen. Where I would start to practice ye druidic magic I had managed to learn in ye fiwe weeks Cerelian had taught me. Yarr! I stopped ye instant I saw ye magical barrier around ye Glen in my mind. Something had penetrated it and were inside. Which I flexed my hand, my mind flitting through what druidic combat spells I could use and what normal curses I could use.

Which I crossed into ye Glen. Somebody were chewing on ye wild fruit I had collected.

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