Monday, October 4, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Final Two Weeks

I finished in third place.  Congratulations to Ryan for winning the league for the second straight year.  Congratulations to Offord for second place and Jason for fourth place.  Without going into huge details about my victory (actually it must have come down to a tiebreaker) over Jason let me say that it was a fun two weeks.

My hitting was atrocious this week since most of my really good guys received days off to help them rest for the playoffs.  My pitching was really good.  Especially since I kept adding/dropping guys.  Normally picking up guys like this means you have a higher ERA/WHIP, but this time I was able to keep picking up guys who had great starts.  Actually, I was smart about my pickups.  Take Anibal Sanchez against the Pirates.  Pick up a pitcher going against the Mariners.  Take the Padres/Giants pitchers (two teams playing each other and doing what they can to win the division...)

In the other league I finished in fifth place.  Ryan finished in third place.  That was a fun league.  I cannot wait until next year to do it again.  In fact, I think Offord, Jason, and Gideon should just join that league with us.  I suggested to the commissioner that he expand it to at least 16 teams and expand the roster to 12-pitchers.   Those are just some thoughts though.

It was really hard for awhile though since I never really did a rotisserie league.  Definitely harder and more challenging than a head-to-head league.  You cannot get away with things like punting stats in that league.  It just does not work as I learned the hard way.

Anyways, I expect to have my end of the year baseball post up soon. 

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