Monday, October 4, 2010

TV Week

Mad Men
The firm finds out about Lucky Strike.  Roger pretends to call Lee Garner Jr. and then hides in a hotel room.  What can Roger do to redeem himself?  Hopefully he can bring in another account.  I do not want to see Roger fall apart.

Peggy is a nympho.  Or at least Stan thinks so.  She does her best Don impersonation with Playtex gloves.  It seems like Don will continue to prepare her to take over at creative director someday. 

Speaking of Don.  He gets into a fight with Dr. Faye because she has ethics and will not give him the names of her clients who are unhappy with their ad agencies.  It seems like she broke up with him.  Later Don is working and Megan offers to help him.  He gets to know her and they have sex on the couch.  She informs him that she will not run out of the office crying.  She has no delusions about what this is, she just wants some of Don's creative input.

Don then heads home and Dr. Faye is waiting for him.  She gives him a  meeting with Heinz.  Oh now this is going to be awkward.  I hope she does not smell Megan on Don's penis.  I bet that would go over like a lead balloon.

Since it was vacation week, my brain does not really remember the other shows I watched this week.

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