Sunday, October 3, 2010

Funny pictures

I'm not the only person who associates the Nazi Pope with a certain bear. Via the Huffington Post, of all things:

It's a little too small to make out properly. Suffice to say that a police department in California recently warned parents about this dangerous "mascot".


While I was doing my post on Sheriff Joe of Maricopa, I remembered a particular image I'd seen floating around the Internet a while ago. To my great regret, it's fake, at least in the sense that if the vehicle exists, it's in private hands, not official use.

The picture is still awesome, as it contains more repressed homosexuality than I've ever seen in my life. If it's actually overt homosexuality, then it's just awesome.


On that topic, some nations have great newspapers. Here's Uganda's Red Pepper, with the most unreal and hysterically funny headline I've ever seen.

I wish we had headlines like that.

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