Friday, November 25, 2011

2011 MLB Prediction Results

Let us look at how well I did this season with my predictions

NL East
I got the first two correct with the Phillies and Braves.  I also knew the Mets would be better than the Marlins.  Unfortunately, the Nationals had to screw things up by finishing in third.  I was right that Stanton would become an elite power hitter, unfortunately he did not hit 40, so I get no real credit.

NL Central
I did not get one team right.   Pretty damn dumb on my part.  Let us look at how I did with my Pirates against certain pitchers:
Greinke:  3-1 against the Buccos.  So they did at least beat him once.
Halladay:  2-0.  Okay, I was a little off on that one.
Lee:  1-0.  Not looking good.
Lincecum:  Did not even pitch against them.
Zimmerman:  Same as Lincecum.
Bailey:  Homer beat the Buccos, but he gave up three runs.
Gee:  He beat the Pirates twice, and had a great game where he went eight innings of one run ball.
Lohse:  He was 2-1 and did not shut them out either. 

NL West
I at least got the Dodgers correct!  Go me!  I do not think anyone predicted Arizona winning this one, so whatever.  Mat Latos started the season hurt, but did not get hurt during the season.  I also want to point out that the Giants would not have won the division if Posey had been healthy the full year.  Just saying.

I got the wildcard wrong, I got the NLDS completely wrong.  I will point out that I said the NLCS would be between a division champion and a wildcard from within that division (Phillies/Braves) and instead it was the Brewers/Cardinals. 

I did not get any of the awards right, but I did mention Freddie Freeman, who ended up in second place for ROY.  I was also a little under on Troy Tulowitzki's stats, he was just .302/30.  My bad.

I did predict the Pirates record correctly, which is pretty awesome.  I should have entered a contest or something.

AL East
I got three out of the five correct.  If the Red Sox would not have had their monumental collapse, I would have nailed the entire division. Way to go Pirates for ruining that one for me (trust me, I am more than happy being wrong, if it means being at PNC to see the Red Sox lose).  The Yankees finally brought up Montero, and I am pretty sure people will want to see him more often next year instead of Jorge.

AL Central
I only got the Royals right in this one.  Who knew the Indians would be a good team.  Or that the Twins would absolutely suck?  Not this guy.  At least I predicted that Grady Sizemore would get hurt.  Still no word whether or not he is doing softcore porn yet.

AL West
I got the Rangers and the Mariners right.

The only things I got right were the Rangers winning the ALDS over a team and the Royals record. 

Needless to say, this was a bad year for me.

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