Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fantasy Football Week Twelve

Kevin's League
I lost to Team Milksteak 105-71.  Thanks Mike Wallace for not trying to score points.  Also, thanks to Drew Brees for putting up 44 points to almost beat me by himself.  What a dickbag...Anyways, this loss dropped me into sixth place with a 6-6 record.  Luckily, I have also clinched the final playoff spot.  I could move up if I win next week, since everyone is 6-6.  I also have scored the lowest amount of points in the league, which is mainly due to the last few weeks.

My best player this week was Percy Harvin, who scored 16 points.  That is pretty sad when your best player only gets 16.  My quarterback situation is seriously messed up, I may need to pick someone up for Freeman.

Steel City League
My sixth win in a row.  I am still in fourth place though.  I beat DC Yinzer 94.74-78.78.  Way to go me! I really do not have a player that did anything amazing.  Pretty much everyone scored what they were supposed to.

I guess I will post a picture of DeMarco Murray.  He had a good week.  Next week I take on one of the bottom teams, so hopefully I will get that 7th win in a row...

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