Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SOA: Opie's Revenge or Clay's Downfall

Honestly, the majority of the episode was pretty weak.  I think it was pretty silly for them to bring back
Wendy at this point.  Does Jax really need something else to worry about?  Also, Gemma keeps acting like she has a plan, but what the hell could it be?

The Otto stuff was cool, well played by Sutter, but again, it just felt like filler until we got back to the Opie story.  Finally though, we got what we all wanted:  Opie's revenge.

Opie confronts Jax to find out if he knew anything about Piney's death.  He then shoots out Jax's tire and rides off to confront Clay.  Jax believes it should be brought to the table.  Oh do not worry Jax, Opie is bringing it to the table...

Jax steals a hearse and then some guy's crotch-rocket.  Opie gets to the clubhouse and Clay is waiting for him.  I honestly thought Clay was going to shoot him, but Opie is too smart (or just too pissed).  He smashes through the door and forces Clay to sit down and does not listen to the lies coming from Clay.

Jax shows up and tells Opie that he does not want to have to shoot him.  At this point, I thought that Opie might listen.  Then he shoots Clay twice.  And judging by the previews for next week, Clay dies.

The club is not in a good place right now.  Will Gemma tell Jax the truth about Clay?  Probably not.

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