Friday, November 18, 2011

UFO Highway

Finally... "OWN THE TRUTH"

Now you can own what has been called, "The most important book in Ufology in the last 20 years."

A breakthrough exposé premised on facts, UFO HIGHWAY brings to an end the 30 year old mystery surrounding the enigmatic battle between Greys and elite U.S. fighting forces at Dulce, New Mexico, in 1979 through the first ever printing of “The Dulce Interview”. Conducted in January 2010, this data is backed by testimony from a Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, a man provable through his personnel files retrieved from the National Personnel Records Center. This previously highly reluctant source has finally come forward to reveal his personal involvement with DSD-3, the Secret Intelligence Agency that operates the Dulce Facility.

He tells us of the “1940 Dulce Discovery Event” in which an elite team of US Army soldiers from “Muroc Army Air Field” found a seven-level “Deep Underground Facility” made from a series of natural caverns, all retrofitted with technology beyond anything ever seen before. In addition to finally learning what was found, taken, and reverse-engineered, we also learn of the cover-up to hide exactly who is still there, deep underground in Dulce.

UFO HIGHWAY delivers on many other fronts within the UFO Periphery as well. The author provides us with an extraordinary compilation of investigative research, interviews, and science which forces us to rethink our origins, our current role on Earth, and of our future. Also included are explosive revelations of HAARP, Project Blue Beam, Transient Digital Audio Phenomena, Abductions, Mutilations, and other significant areas of UFO research.

And read the author’s leading-edge hypothesis on Human Origins taking us through a fascinating review of Human-Alien Hybridization, Genetic Engineering and Religion. See how the author’s “Lineal- Traditional Connection Model” reveals how world religion has successfully managed to hide the true seeds of humanity, until now.

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