Monday, May 7, 2012

Fantasy Baseball Week Five

And this is why you never talk smack.  Sean defeated me 6-5.  It was actually a pretty good battle.  He started the week winning, then over the weekend I was up 7-3 at one point.  I was actually winning Sunday for most of the day.  Who knows what the hell happened...

My hitting was obviously a bit anemic, hell I had a few guys under the Mendoza Line.  Matt Kemp decided to look a little human this week by only hitting one HR and hitting .222.  My best two hitters were Giancarlo Stanton 5 R/4 HR/6 RBI/.333/.438 and Freddie Freeman 6 R/3 HR/10 RBI/.367/.364.  I would probably give Stanton the edge since his OBP was higher, however, since I did not win that category, it did not really matter.

My starting pitching was pretty good.  The relief pitching shit the bed though.  I guess it was bound to happen at some point and I believe it was pretty much just one game for each pitcher.  My best pitcher was C.J. Wilson, who had two wins, 13 Ks, 2.93 ERA, and a .98 WHIP. 

I dropped to third place overall with a 35-22-3 record.  Ryan surpassed me for first place in the division.  That bastard always starts off slow then takes over the lead.

I am still going slow on Dee Gordon.  He had a pretty good week.  I am open to any trades though.  Especially for a high average hitter or maybe a closer...

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