Friday, May 11, 2012

Funny Rednecks

Lindsey and I went to this place in Wilmore for lunch today.  Do not worry if you never heard of Wilmore, it is not really important for the story.  There were six people in this tiny little diner and they were discussing politics.  This is what I heard, which was mainly between a really fat guy, an older lady, and her husband.  Unfortunately, I did not hear too much before this, but they were talking about Obama, but I was not able to tell if they were for or against. 

Fat Guy:  It sickens me about this same-sex marriage shit.  Those queers have way too much power in the country.  When I went to Cape Cod, all those rich doctors and lawyers were queers.  They wanted their rights, and boy did they get them.  There was a judge up there who wouldn't give it to 'em though.  Wouldn't let 'em hold hands in public. 

Older Lady:  It is disgusting the way this country is falling apart.  Those people have so much power, look at the ACLU!  They are nothing, but a bunch of Communists.  Everyone knows that!

Husband:  This president is ruining this country.  That's what people get for voting for a...socialist.

I laughed at most of this because it was actually kind of amusing, but at the same time, it was scary.  I sometimes believe that things like prejudice and racism are disappearing in the country, but then you realize that is not the case at all.

So, from what I understand from these people, homosexuals hold all the power in Washington.  Probably one of the most powerful lobbies, most likely pushing their weight around and in the next few years will have the flag changed to pink, cream, and lavender.  Also, the ACLU is a Communist front, which most likely helps President Obama try and destroy this country.  Yep, that all makes sense.

Also, I honestly think the guy wanted to use another word instead of socialist, but decided against it at the last moment...

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