Monday, May 14, 2012

Fantasy Baseball Week Six

I hate losing by one!  Seriously, it pisses me off.  I really need to pull off a trade to try and improve my closing situation or batting average situation.  I did pick up Michael Brantley, who has been hitting well lately, maybe he can help improve my average.  It is also time to consider looking for a shortstop.

I had seven guys hit under .250.  That is absolutely pathetic.  Oddly enough, my other three hit over .333:  Giancarlo Stanton, Allen Craig, and Mike Moustakas.  Of those three, Craig had the best week.  He had five runs, four home runs, and nine runs batted in.  The dude has been on fire since he came off the DL.

My pitching was pretty solid again, I picked up wins from Sabathia, Gonzalez, and Westbrook.  Wilson had a weird start for me.  He gave up a few runs, then there was a rain delay, so he got yanked.  He started the next day, yet I had him on the bench because nothing on Yahoo said he was pitching.  He had a 108.00 ERA for me.

I am now in 4th place overall and 2nd place in the division behind Ryan.  My record is 40-28-4 and I take on Shelley this week.  I need to win big.

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